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Review: Let's Domino - Create Runs of Toppling Dominos

March 25, 2010


Let’s Domino is a realistic physics app that lets you build elaborate domino runs with a few taps. It’s a domino toppling game with varied themes, standard and colorful dominos, as well as stock contraptions. The game also has a full featured online component allowing you to upload your work, and download others.


This app features all kinds of dominos from the standard black to varied colored rectangles, and even has circles, characters, stars, and hearts. Contraptions are included as stock items allowing you to place bridges, rollers, knockers, u-turns, towers, ball ramps, soda can, and single to multi dominos. Two different themes are included giving you the option to work all in black, or use tons of colors and shapes, as well as six different backgrounds from grass to wood floor. Online is a major component, and you can upload any of your domino runs for any other user to enjoy. You can then view other uploaded works, and download them, and on top of that modify them making mega collaborative builds. You can also rate any work, and view rated courses plus there is Facebook connectivity. Finally after the course is constructed it’s time to watch it fall with realistic physics. During a run you can change the camera angle using the accelerometer. 26 achievements are also included as well as unlockable stunts and backgrounds.'

The Good

If you’ve ever done a real domino run you know how frustratingly tedious it is. If you make one mistake in placing a domino, and it accidentally trips, your entire run falls down. Then you’ll have to set up the whole thing again, and even if you complete it, and run it once you still will have to go through all the time of setting it up again. Let’s Domino brings you all the fun of a domino run, but streamlines it. Just tap on a domino in the menu bar to place it, and guess what - it will never fall down. If you want to place a number of dominos at once just drag from your last placed domino as long as you want, and all of the dominos are placed, and you can even change the curve. What about elaborate contraptions? Well, they’re already completed, and you can place those too with just a tap. If you are done with your run, and you want to see it go through its course, just tap the camera to see the realistic domino physics in action. Then everything is knocked over, but with a tap everything is upright again. Then you can watch it over and over, and in mid construction to figure out what you want to do next. The controls work very well to allow you to place hundreds of dominos in no time at all. Once you finish a run you’ll want to upload it online for others to enjoy, and even add to it with their own ideas making a whole new run, and keeping yours unchanged. Downloading other’s creations is especially enjoyable watching the amazing creations other people have devised. The 3D dominos physics are simply outstanding, and you feel like you’ve actually watched the real thing. The sounds of the dominos are spot on, adding to the engrossing feel of this actually happening right before you. During construction of your course there is a relaxing soundtrack that is nice to listen to, and yet unnoticeable at the same time. Space is always limited when constructing a real one, but digitally you have infinite space. Also included is a nice save feature so if your domino runs in the hundreds or thousands you can pick up right where you left off.

The Bad

Not much to dislike with this app. One concern is that in the online component you can’t search so you won’t be able to find a friend’s run. This also restricts the ability to collaborate with a friend as you won’t be able to find each other’s creations. Another small concern is that when you’re attempting to place new dominos you always need to tap on the most recent domino which just adds an extra tap/hassle. Another neat addition that is lacking would be the ability to rotate contraptions, as that limits things a little now.

The Verdict

Let’s Domino is one of the best apps in the App Store, achieved by taking some physical task, and making it more enjoyable digitally. It’s amazing to set up complex domino runs with a few taps, and then watch it go over and over without the hassle of resetting up each domino. The online connectivity is well done to upload your creations, and witness, and modify others. For a mere $1.99 if you’re a domino toppling fan, or have never done it in your life, Let’s Domino is a must buy giving you an amazing experience all on your idevice.

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