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Share That Tasty Dish With Foodspotting

March 7, 2010

Do you have friends in your social network that like to share their dining experiences with Twitter updates and photos of their culinary conquests?   The makers of a new app called Foodspotting hope to take that idea and create the ultimate visual food guide.

Foodspotting is a simple app that allows you to document your food selection for all of the world to see. You can share a picture of the dish, label it and using the iPhone's GPS, pin it on a map to give everyone an opportunity to visually sample your delicious dish.

This crowd sourced sharing of food photos makes for a pretty powerful tool to discovering new foods. You can search for specific food items and restaurants or simply scroll through photos of shared dishes from restaurants near you. Just be prepared when your mouth begins to water.

There is also a section that allows users to view guides created by other Foodspotting users. These guides are lists of recommendations for specific foods or restaurants and can range from anything like best burgers in Hong Kong or where to get Bloody Mary's in LA. These guides can also include challenges that users have created to see who can spot and ultimately sample all the foods within any guide. Winners can earn FourSquare like badges for their accomplishments.

Foodspotting is a simple idea but makes for a great way to organize and search out your next meal. Trying out new food is always fun but now sharing your experience is even better.

Foodspotting is available for free, on the App Store.

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