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SlingPlayer Coming To iPad

March 30, 2010

Fans of the Slingbox have been evangelizing its cool usefulness and amazing streaming technology to bring your own television content on the go wherever you are. It's been on my list of killer iPhone apps to show to friends, especially with AT&T's recent decision to allow for 3G streaming. With the iPad's launch just days away, details are emerging on an iPad specific version of the SlingPlayer app. According to Dave Zatz over on his ZatzNotFunny site, word out of Sling Media is that the company is looking to move their video stream technology to iPhone OS friendly H.264 platform. While it is safe to assume the current SlingPlayer for iPhone will work fine on the new iPad, to be able to take full advantage of the new tablet's gorgeous high resolution display, a native application will be needed. To accommodate the iPad's bigger screen, here's what Sling had to say:
When it makes a noticeable difference in quality, we will definitely provide higher resolution streaming.  The iPad is a good example of a device where we are hard at work on this, but unfortunately it won’t be there at the April launch.

Although it won't be available immediately, the thought of an iPad enhanced version of SlingPlayer should bring plenty of excitement for Sling fans. With plans to stream with presumably data intensive higher resolution, it will be interesting to see how AT&T's 3G bandwidth will handle the new SlingPlayer app for those 3G iPads. We all remember what happened when iPhone's version launched last year, right?

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