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Steve Jobs Replies: The iPhone To Get An Universal Inbox & The iPad Will Sync With iWorks

March 24, 2010

Apple's exceptional customer support, or otherwise known as Steve Jobs, is back at it today with some new email replies. After announcing the lack of support for Picasa on the iPad this weekend, Steve replied today with some new insights about the iPhone Mail app and iPad's iWork sync capabilities.

More precisely, to a question about whether the iPhone will feature an universal inbox, Steve responded in his traditional succinct style:


And to a question about the possibility to use iWork and iDisk with the iPad to sync documents Steve responded with more of the same:


Both replies were sent from his iPad.

Universal inbox if you're wondering, is a view that features your emails from all of your accounts on the same page, just like the Mac OS mail app does. It's a very convenient feature if you're using multiple accounts and the iPhone could really use it.

As for iWork, Apple introduced its cloud service a while ago and it's not much of a surprise that the iPad will be able to use it.

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