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The iPhone Gets A Sleek New Task Manager With Circuitous

March 17, 2010

While I'm convinced that Apple will eventually allow third-party multitasking on the iPhone, I haven't been able so far to imagine a sensible implementation for it, thankfully it's not my job. As I told you, I did start believing lately that Palm held the best interface for it, but I was wrong. Circuitous, a new jailbreak task manager, does the job even better. Available from Cydia and Rock, Circuitous is a sleek new tool that allows you to jump from app to app without ever going through the home screen. In combination with Backgrounder, it will also let you background apps that you want to keep running, and shut down the rest without leaving the view you're working on. Did I mention it's free? Anyway, iPoduplink has a full walk-through of Circuitous for you so check it out:

Alright Steve, you see these names on the screenshot? You call HR and have them hired, this should come standard...

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