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First Look At Tiptop: The Last March By On5, The Creators Of Charadium

March 31, 2010

On5, the creators of the wonderfully addictive online multiplayer games Charadium and Quizarium, have stepped out of their comfort zone and have put the finishing touches on their new line-drawing arcade game Tiptop.  We're here to give you a quick sneak peek, as the game should be hitting the App Store very soon. Tiptop features simple line-drawing controls coupled with Lemmings-style gameplay.  The object of the game is to guide your ambitious troop members through levels filled with killer obstacles by drawing lines for your troops to follow.  Lines are drawn simply by touching and dragging your finger across the screen.  You can do a little pre-planning by tapping and dragging with two fingers to scope out the level. Troops move on their own, so you must plan and draw your lines accordingly.  They are ambitious but dull little fellows, and they do tend to just walk off ledges into a spike filled holes or what have you.  It's your goal to not allow this to happen, and get them to safety. In the game you have a limited amount of ink to draw your paths, so you have to time your line-drawing with your troops movements.  Your ink is replenished after older paths fade away, but be careful because lines fade away at their own pace, so if you have troops left on that line, they may fall to their death. Tiptop features a humorous plot that takes you on a journey through five imaginary worlds, each containing four levels, as you fight global problems of the modern age.  The game features added replay value via Plus+ integration, giving you awards for your accomplishments and allowing you to compete with others via global leaderboards. Tiptop: the last march should be available shortly for the iPhone and iPod touch.  The game will have an introductory price of $.99.

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