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Twitterrific for iPad Will Be Ready Day 1 - Plus Screenshots

March 27, 2010

One of the best looking iPhone apps is without out a doubt Twitterrific. The Icon Factory is bringing their design talents to the iPad with Twitterrific for iPad redesigned completely for the new device. The app will be live day 1 of the iPad App Store with the same elegant design and easy to use feature set it's known for. The app presents a display providing you with all your tweets, mentions, and direct messages as well as a view for lists, searches, and trends. For users of the iPhone version the interface looks similar, but it doesn't feel nearly as cramped, and you don't need multiple screens to access all of the same information. There will be two different displays depending on if you're holding the device in portrait or landscape. The best part is that Twitterrific for iPad is a free download that you can pick up as soon as you turn on your brand new iPad. Twitterrific premium is included as an in-app purchase for $4.99 that removes ads from the timeline, and allows managing of multiple twitter accounts. One thing to take note of is that it's the same pricing scale of their current iPhone offerings. Pricing and screenshots are subject to change.

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