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UK: Calling All Nosey Parkers

March 3, 2010

I have lost count of the number of times I have parked my car in a City Centre only to walk past a cleaner, cheaper, more secure Car Park on my way to my destination. Even when I have gone to the trouble of planning my parking in advance, I am often left with unanswered questions and a journey clouded by uncertainty.

Will the Car Park accept Credit Cards?, Will it be the cheapest? Will it be secure? Will it have parent and toddler spaces? The list goes on! If only there was app that could do this for me? Well thanks to Stardotstar Ltd, There is! Nosey Parker is the first and only car park location app covering the UK. With access to a database of over 13,400 car-parks across the country and using your iPhones in-built GPS, you can find the closest and most secure Car Park available. Further access to 5000 free car parks in the UK will definitely ensure that Nosey Parker will find you the Cheapest Car Park too! This app is a must for anyone who travels into City Centres for business or pleasure. It provides honest and reliable reviews and the addition of information on the number of parent & child spaces, disabled spaces and Safer Parking Awards makes this app a real winner. It will take some of the hassle out of your journey and make parking your car simpler than ever. Nosey Parker can save you time, petrol and money. It is available in the app store for $2.99 and to quote the developer "at that price this app could pay for itself the first time you use it!"

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