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AirDrop Pro - Free Until April 22

April 15, 2010

AirDrop Pro is a great new skill game for iPhone and to promote it's launch the developers are offering it for FREE until April 22nd 2010. Your mission is to air drop the cargo onto the targets which requires good reactions and perfect judgement. This app tests your reactions and timing so if you're a fan of skill games then AirDrop Pro is well worth a look at while it's free. AirDrop Pro is a very simple concept but executed particularly well. The graphics are colourful and the changing backgrounds are visually appealing. The controls are basic so it's easy to learn and the variation with each level means you wont be bored quickly. The height and position of the target changes with each drop and the game becomes more difficult as you progress because the targets get smaller with every level. Once you get the hang of it and can adjust your drops depending on wind speed and direction by tilting the iphone and you can power through the levels and rack up some impressive scores.

AirDrop Pro is really addictive and is great way to pass the time for a five minute bus journey or 30 minute lunch break. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments. AirDrop Pro is available in the app store - free until April 22

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