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Bird Strike Is Available For Free Today Only

April 13, 2010

PikPok's popular casual endless game, Bird Strike, is available for free today and today only as part of OpenFeint's free game of the day promotion. Bird Strike is more than just another casual endless game.  It actually features two modes of play that keep the game feeling fresh and fun.  In World Tour mode you will be tasked with guiding Gerald the bird through the air in order to collect as many bird seeds as possible.  On the way up there are many obstacles that must be avoided, such as balloons, other birds, steel girders, and more, otherwise Gerald will start falling back down to the surface.  If this happens you can tilt and turn your device to collect more rockets to get Gerald going back in the correct direction. If you are skilled enough to reach the very top of the level, an alien spaceship will blast Gerald and he will turn into a green fireball, which is actually a good thing.  In this green fireball state, Gerald will be able to crash through all of those obstacles you avoided on the way up, and you will be given points for doing so. In the new Endless mode, you must simply keep guiding Gerald the bird up as far as you can without running out of rockets and plummeting to the ground.  This mode doesn't contain any green fireballs. Bird Strike features multiple environments in World Tour mode, OpenFeint integration, unique music and Gerald the bird sounds. Bird Strike is normally available for $.99, but today only it is available for free.  Gerald the bird needs your help collecting those seeds, so for his sake, please don't forget to download this one for free.

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Bird Strike - GOLD EDITION
Bird Strike - GOLD EDITION

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