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Build Your Own Gun? There's An App For That

April 22, 2010

Have you ever wanted to build and fully customize your own guns? With Gun Builder ($0.99) from Win Sheng Loh you can create an entrire arsenal of weapons configured anyway you want. If you are interested in guns or just like the idea of being able to build your very own gun and firing it then this is the app for you. You can build your guns from scratch using the extensive library of of parts and accessories and even add custom touches like engraving the hilt to truly personalise your weapon. The realistic sounds and animations give this app a certain realism and by tweaking your weapon you can vary your guns performance. Give yourself a week and you will have created quite an impressive catalogue of guns.

The built in shooting range is a great feature and allows you test drive your creation and see how it performs. Weapons enthusiasts should enjoy the level of detail available in Gun Builder especially that now they have the freedom to create some weapons of their own. This app could be further improved with 3D animations and even more gun parts to choose from, fingers crossed these will be available in future updates. Tell us about your home made gun rack in the comments.

Gun Builder is available in the app store - $0.99

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