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No Camera On iPad? No Problem. There's An App For That!

While the iPad is selling well and the early adopters are having fun raving about the great new hardware, it's far from perfect. One of the features that many had hoped to include on the first gen hardware was a camera similar to the iPhone for taking snapshots while on the go. With the help of a clever app and another iPhone in hand, your iPad can receive that still camera you were hoping for.

Camera A is the name of the iPad app that makes it all possible. When used in conjunction with Camera B for the iPhone, images from your iPhone's camera are transmitted via Bluetooth or via local Wifi to your iPad. Simply access both apps at the same time and your iPad will pair with your iPhone's camera. Your iPad now acts as the photo capture device complete with the shutter button at the bottom of the screen and a slider for zooming in and out of your photo.

While the concept works, the images that you get are merely scaled up from your iPhone's camera so the quality leaves a little to be desired. The arrangement can be a bit clunky too since you'll need to set your iPhone somewhere stationary so that you can use your iPad as the viewfinder to snap your picture.

As the developer cites, being able to remotely control the iPhone's camera with your iPad can help in few use cases: taking pictures of nature scenes without disturbing the subjects, sports photography, or setting it up at family functions and secretly taking pictures to achieve candid shots. Regardless of its possible uses,  you'll probably need to duct tape your iPhone to the back of the iPad to truly get that iPad camera we were all hoping for.

Camera A for iPad is 99 cents and Camera B for iPhone is free. Both are available now on the App Store.

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No Camera On iPad? No Problem. There's An App For That!

No Camera On iPad? No Problem. There's An App For That!