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FastReview: Captain Ludwig & Battle Bears: Zombies

April 27, 2010

QuickAdvice: Captain Ludwig

Captain Ludwig by Mudloop icon

Captain Ludwig ($1.99) by Mudloop puts you in the shoes of a planet jumper where you need to land on every spinning planet in a given level. The planets spin like the lilly pads in Dizzy Pad, but rather than just casual endless this is a level based game with a certain number of planets per level. You need to touch every planet in a level to advance, and there are 21 levels in total.

Captain Ludwig by Mudloop screenshot

As you advance new elements are introduced including radioactive planets, turrets, spiky balls, and more. Not only will you need to jump from planet to planet, but you will also need to jump in a space ship from time to time. OpenFeint is included to provide online high scores and achievements.

The game is tons of fun by giving you an easy gameplay mechanic, but with complex levels. It’s all about timing as you need to tap to jump when the spinning planet lines up with the next one you’re jumping to. Each new level introduces a new feature to keep the action fresh which is necessary as it would get quite repetitive otherwise.

You will need to be on edge once there are multiple obstacles with only five mistakes allowed per level. You will miss a jump occasionally, and that will make it that much tougher to deal with the turrets and radioactive planets. The game is set up so you’ll want to continue on to each of the 21 levels with the new added features, and reaching the final boss battle.

Captain Ludwig by Mudloop screenshot

The game has a wonderful design by giving you a mainly simple white and black theme with various colored backgrounds with everything nice and polished. There is a nice techno action beat to go with the theme of the game. OpenFeint helps a little with the replay factor if you’re in to online high scores and achievements.

Captain Ludwig is a solid game that is worth it for $1.99 giving you plenty of fun and challenge in this dizzy platformer.

BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! by SkyVu Pictures icon

BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! (Free) by SkyVu Pictures is a simple shooter game with a mechanic we've seen before where your character is in a stationary position, and tons of enemies come towards that point. What makes Battle Bears stand out is the absurdly hilarious premise and consequent storyline. You play as Oliver who is stranded behind enemy lines, and you need to hunker down, and try to survive. The enemy are the huggable which are super cute bears that are coming to hug you to death.

BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! by SkyVu Pictures screenshot

After multiple updates the story features five bosses, with each boss having you get through four stages to reach them. As you progress you will face the Bearbershop quartet, Bearzerker, Marecraft carrier, and now zombies. The game also features a survival mode trying to last for as many stages as you can.

The controls are straightforward as you drag with one thumb to aim, and tap with the other to fire. OpenFeint is included with online high scores and achievements. As you progress you will earn new weapons including flamethrower, bearzooka, laser, and pot o gold.

The game is hectic fast paced fun from start to finish as you blast away the cute bears. It's definitely humorous as you shoot the head clear off of an enemy, and a rainbow streams out of it's body. The game is simple to control to focus on the waves and waves of enemies where you will need to scan back and forth or you will miss some enemies.

BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! by SkyVu Pictures screenshot

Playing through all the waves, and the five boss battles will make e game well worth your money, and you will enjoy each stage along the way. The cut scenes are hilarious to say the least, and you will want to continue just to see the next one. The cut scenes are practically worth the price of admission as well even without the great gameplay.

Battle Bears: Zombies is a great game from start to finish that you will enjoy every minute of. It's a must buy for the mere price of $0.99 (what it usually costs, free right now).

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