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Two Prototype iPod Touch With Camera Hit Ebay & Disappear

April 24, 2010

With all these iPhone users dying for a front-facing camera, we tend to forget the iPod touch doesn't even have a back one. It was supposed to, but as you might remember Steve Jobs decided the device is simply too thin to provide something of good enough quality.

Well, two camera-embedded iPod touch prototypes that we might have seen before just made their way to an ebay auction this morning. They don't seem to be fully working as one of them is running some testing system and of course, this could be just a scam.

Want to place a bid? Well, it's actually too late already and the auction has just been pulled, that is unless Gizmodo already bought it.

Should this give us hopes for a iPod touch with camera? I don't think so, these are some old testing units if you ask me. On the other hand, Apple will certainly add a camera as soon as they figure out how to make it small enough.

[via 9to5mac]

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