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Opera Mini Gets A Million Downloads On Day 1 - Doesn't Make It Work Any Better

April 15, 2010

As you probably know by now, Apple surprisingly decided not to stick to its sacrosanct "non-duplication of core functionality" rule with the Opera mini browser. This generated quite some buzz and curiosity actually, which propelled the Opera mini for iPhone browser at the top of every App Store and cumulating over a million downloads on launch day. Great news for its developers obviously, but I'm having some serious doubts about whether this will last. I mean; the app is just horrendous. Alright, I admit it's damn fast, but at what cost? The rendering is terrible and you have to fight with a clunky zoom to actually see anything. Have you tried checking your gmail account on it? Good, don't. First of all you're putting yourself at risk; secondly, it looks like what you get on a RAZR V2.... I'm not saying it's bad they allowed it, au contraire it makes Safari looks better than ever. But there is a long way to go... Hopefully they'll improve it, and there also might be some hope from Skyfire, who are working on what would be a flash-enabled browser if you read in between the lines. Am I wrong?

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