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NimbleBit's Dizzypad Available For Free Today

April 23, 2010

Is your free app clicking index finger ready for what's about to come?  It better be, because it's time to get your free copy of Dizzypad that you waited so patiently for since Wednesday.  That's right, NimbleBit has made Dizzypad for iPhone available for free today only (4/23). Dizzypad is one of the most simple and addictive casual games to hit the App Store in recent memory.  The basic idea of the game is to have your frog leap from one lily pad to the other by tapping anywhere on the screen to make it jump.  The tricky part is timing your jumps.  Lily pads spin in circles, and you must jump at exactly the right moment in order not to leap into the pond.  You must do this over and over until you run out of lives, which are flowers located on the right-hand side of the screen. Daring jumpers can obtain more lives by skipping pads and eating dragon flies.  To eat a dragon fly simply jump when one is in your leaping path. Dizzypad also features all kinds of extras to keep you coming back for more, such as 19 unlockable and super colorful frogs, soothing music, and Plus+ integration to provide leaderboards and awards. Dizzypad is normally priced at $.99, but today it is available for free.  If you are an iPad owner, don't forget that NimbleBit will be releasing Dizzypad HD very shortly, so this will be a good opportunity to hone your skills before the big day.

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