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Steve Jobs: No Further Support For The iPhone 2G

April 12, 2010

Remember the iPhone 2G? The original iPhone with the brushed aluminium back that was so freaking hard to take apart?

After the keynote last Thursday, it was pretty clear that Apple dumped any further support for it for the now outdated device. However one German Macstory reader contacted Steve Jobs directly for some confirmation:

Hey Steve! Is Apple supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the Future? Cheers Niko Sent from my iPhone
And here is Steve's answer:
Sorry, no. Sent from my iPhone
It's not usual to see Steve apologize for something, but I guess it is called for this time. So just in case you're still wondering; this means you won't be getting iPhone OS 4 on your old 2G and in consequence, will be unable to install most apps developed and updated after this summer. I believe the same story goes for the first iPod Touch. Any original iPhone owners in here? Congrats on keeping it alive so long!

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