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Pulitzer Prize Winner's NewsToons Finally Approved And Available In The App Store

It appears Apple has once again flip-flopped regarding a highly publicized app rejection. As the story goes, Apple's app reviewers rejected an app by the Pulitzer Prize winning online political cartoonist Mark Fiore sometime in December because it ridiculed public figures. Once this information was made public, however, there was a massive amount of backlash which forced Apple to reconsider the rejection and later invited Fiore to resubmit the app for review.  Apparently those app reviewers had a change of heart, as NewsToons is now available in the App Store. NewsToons gives you a direct feed to all of Mark Fiore's animated political cartoons that are normally only available via his website.  The app is automatically updated with the most recently published cartoons by Fiore, so every time you launch it you should be in for a treat.  Along with the cartoons themselves, the app provides the ability to dig a little deeper so you can see what news stories, events, and facts inspired each of the animations. This is just the first version of NewsToons.  The team has promised to update the app regularly based on user feedback, so let them hear it. NewsToons is available in the App Store for $.99, which isn't bad for an ad-free and iPhone-friendly political cartoon feed by a Pulitzer Prize winner.
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