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QuickAdvice: Doodle Juggle For iPad

QuickAdvice: Doodle Juggle

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Doodle Juggle ($0.99) by Clever Hamster Games is a physics-driven novelty game created exclusively for the iPad. It's brought to you by the same developers who created Paper Bridge, so it's safe to say they have this physics thing pretty much nailed.

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Doodle Juggle contains three different types of juggling props each with their own unique physics. It contains balls, clubs, and a devil stick, so everyone in the family will be able to find something they like. The number of balls and clubs can instantly be changed to include anywhere from one to seven props on the screen at once.

Although Doodle Juggle sports cartoony graphics, there is nothing fake about its physics. The app supports up to five fingers on the screen at once, allowing you to juggle multiple props like a true master. Balls bounce off of each other freely, clubs spin with little effort and allow you to easily grab the handle as they come around, and the dreaded devil stick acts just as you would expect, with your fingers being the control sticks.

Doodle Juggle isn't all fun and games though. If you aren't much of a juggler, this one can get frustrating after only a couple of attempts; and although the physics are nearly spot on, the catching point for the props seems to be a hair below the actual prop, causing you to miss a few throws before you get the hang of it. The game also lacks replay value thanks to its limited stat tracking.

Like quite a few other early iPad apps and games, Doodle Juggle is more of a novelty app that you would expect to show off to your friends and family, that is unless you are actually skilled in the art of juggling. For only $.99, however, it's hard not to enjoy this one in spurts even if you aren't that talented.

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QuickAdvice: Doodle Juggle For iPad

QuickAdvice: Doodle Juggle For iPad