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Licks - Great New Guitar App For iPhone

April 22, 2010

Licks ($2.99) by Michael Ahmarani has been designed for every guitarist who has ever wanted to add something extra to their playing. If you have ever wanted to add a new dimension with licks and riffs then this app is definitely for you.

Licks contains a database of videos written, played and recorded by a professional musician. Each video comes in two parts. The first is a full-speed video with all the effects turned on so you can hear and visualise what the lick should sound like. The second part is played at half-speed, with no backing track, allowing you to sound out what is being played at a pace you are comfortable with. Every Video is tabbed out underneath so you can play along and pick them up very quickly. The Licks are separated into either Funk, Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz or Indie and a new one is added every other day. The Licks interface is simple and uncluttered and the styling is very much content focussed. Using guitar headstocks to identify genres and including the Key of the lick are both neat features.

This app can only get better as more content is added and as more users download and rate the licks. Features promised for future updates are a version for iPad and the ability to save your favorite Licks. I think this app could also be improved with an auto scroll feature on the TAB's so you can play along in real time. Licks is great for beginners to try out new things for the first time or more experienced guitarists who want to expand their portfolio of riffs, licks and tricks. Videos are a great way to learn new things on the guitar. Can you imagine how well your playing could improve if you were learning 3 or 4 new licks a week? The developer is asking for feedback so feel free to post comments below.

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