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QuickAdvice: MiniSquadron Special Edition

April 27, 2010

QuickAdvice: MiniSquadron Special Edition

MiniSquadron Special Edition by MrFungFung icon

MiniSquadron Special Edition (Free) by MrFungFung is the sequel to the highly popular and successful MiniSquadron. Its a fast paced, 2D, all out shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You must pilot your plane in a frantic battle to destroy everything else in the sky.

Just like the original, this game is real pleasure to play. The controls are simple and intuitive. Using a floating D-Pad and the bottom right of the screen as your fire button you can begin to play straight away. The graphics are also fantastic. The side on view is simple but effective and suits the gameplay perfectly. The music on the other hand could eventually drive you insane. Some users may love to have classical music playing as they battle their enemies but it was too repetitive for my taste.

MiniSquadron Special Edition by MrFungFung screenshot

The original MiniSquadron retails at $2.99 and comes with 56 planes and an impressive array of levels and game modes so you may be asking, why is the sequel free? Well you are only getting 2 levels and 2 planes to begin with. The rest of the content is available, just like the original game, but only via in app purchases. Level Packs are available for $0.99. Level Packs include 2 levels and the associated planes for those levels. Some users may be put off by this style of charging but I think it has its benefits. You get to try out the app for free in the first instance and if you don't enjoy it you can delete it. If you do like it, and you would like to progress further in the game then you can upgrade for a reasonable price.

MiniSquadron Special Edition by MrFungFung screenshot

MiniSquadron Special Edition looks great, is a joy to play and is highly addictive. As a game in it's own right it has all of the ingredients to be a stand out winner. My only criticism is that there hasn't been the progress, from the first MiniSquadron, in terms of functionality or gameplay, that fans would expect. As a result of this, fans of the original game may not see the benefit of buying the sequel. If they don't, I suspect the developer is hoping that the new pricing structure will attract a whole new set of fans to join the MiniSquadron fan club.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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