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QuickAdvice: Paper Bridge

April 22, 2010

QuickAdvice: Paper Bridge

Paper Bridge by Clever Hamster Games icon

Paper Bridge ($0.99) by Clever Hamster Games is one of those games you love to hate. It takes a knowledge of physics and a keen eye for detail and it is so difficult to master it can sometimes beat you into submission. You must design and build bridges that are strong and stable enough to support the weight of the oncoming traffic. If you fail it all comes crashing down. Budding engineers or anyone with an interest in physics or structural engineering will find this game fun and enjoyable. It is the chance you have been waiting for to put your engineering skills to the test. This isn't a straightforward line drawing puzzle game. You are at the mercy of real life physics laws and you need to be careful because the breakable joints realistically calculate weight distribution, even in the most complex of scenarios.

Paper Bridge by Clever Hamster Games screenshot

Paper Bridge is easy to pick up and play but it is a real challenge getting your structure right but the time definitely flies by while playing. The app looks good and the graphics, while nothing spectacular, really suit the game and its playing style. Paper Bridge boasts 25 levels, and with the difficulty rating of this game well into the hundreds these should be enough to keep most users busy for some time. If you happen to be a natural and find this game easy do not worry, the developer has promised regular updates to add more content over the coming months. The game comes ready with open feint network integration so you can post achievements and high scores online. As far as physics or puzzle games go Paper Bridge really is the complete package.

As always let us know what you think in the comments, I'd be really interested to see what level you all manage to get to. (I'm on level 4)


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