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iPad App BreakDown: Sneezies HD

April 22, 2010

QuickAdvice: Sneezies HD

Sneezies HD by Chillingo Ltd iconSneezies HD ($4.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a game of chain reactions where you tap once to drop sneezing powder, and try to get as many sneezies as possible to sneeze. Every level has a total number of sneezies, and there's a given threshold of sneezies you need to make sneeze to advance. The game itself: The game features three different gameplay modes including 45 classic levels with increasing numbers of sneezies, and higher thresholds. Also included is challenge mode where you have multiple levels and five taps to reach a certain large score. Finally is ScoreEX mode which is similar to classic mode, but amps up the difficulty and score much quicker.
Sneezies HD by Chillingo Ltd screenshotSneezies is an outstandingly made game that is packed with fun and cuteness. The game is made for the casual fan providing easy gameplay that is completely addictive, and will have you coming back for more. The three gameplay modes as well as the inclusion of Crystal for online high scores and achievements adds even more to the intrinsic replay factor of Sneezies. The game is definitely strategy based though it may not seem like it at first. You need to think out where you tap by viewing the direction the varying sneezies are flowing. You can't set up a chain reaction unless you think of how it will be possible. Many levels you will come close to the threshold, and you’re first thought will be to retry which is rare for many games. Sneezies HD is beautiful from the amazingly detailed cartoon backgrounds to the popping of the various colored sneezies in the foreground. Also included are varying soundtracks that are wonderfully mellow, coupled with high pitched sneezes that will further immerse you in the world of Sneezies. The game is so simple and fun that it is a great download for any idevice user. For $4.99 Sneezies HD is worth considering since the only difference between it, and the $1 iPhone version is the visuals. Is it worth $4 to you for looks?
Sneezies HD by Chillingo Ltd screenshotIf you own the iPhone version: If you already own the iPhone version you should probably play that version on your iPad. The iPhone version is made well enough that it looks pretty good on the iPad. With that said it’s no where near as beautiful as the HD version, but that is the only difference between the $1 iPhone version, and the $5 iPad version. It depends how you want your game to look running on your iPad. Overall though Sneezies is a great purchase no matter which version you buy. If you only own an iPad: If you only own an iPad it depends if you want your apps running at native resolution or not. The iPhone version is only $1, and the visuals are definitely passable. The HD version is definitely great looking, and you can see each and every one of the Sneezies pop out of their bubbles and deploy their parachutes unlike on the iPhone or even the iPhone version at 2X. Sneezies is a great game to have on your iPad, but it’s up to you if it’s worth an extra $4 for the the beautiful version. If you never bought the iPhone version: If you never bought the iPhone version I hope when you have a $1 to spend you can seriously consider picking up Sneezies. It’s an amazing game on the iPhone that is a must buy for $1. The iPhone version has OpenFeint rather than crystal, and no achievements like the iPad version.

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