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Race With One Finger - Touch Racing Nitro

April 14, 2010

Touch Racing Nitro is a unique racing game for the iPhone. With touch-control you can drive, drift, jump, launch nitros and fly over your opponents all with the touch of a finger! Check out the trailer (youtube link):

Touch Racing Nitro is a fast paced racing game full of the thrills and spills you would expect from a game in this genre. Its bright and colourful and the gameplay is engaging and fun. With 18 tracks and 12 vehicles this game is packed full of variety and should be a hit with race fans. The developer has taken a huge gamble and dropped the virtual D-Pad and buttons and instead your fingers become the gas, brake, wheel and nitro power. The gamble has paid off and as a result the game is really intuitive and the vehicle even reacts to the position and movement of your fingers on the screen. If you're into racing games and fancy trying something a little different then Touch Racing Nitro could be the app for you.

With the new control system Touch Racing Nitro has got to be one of the most difficult games to master on the iPhone, the controls take a lot of practice before you get used to them but once you have cracked it, it is really satisfying. (HINT - Try using your thumbs instead of your fingers!) Touch Racing Nitro is available in the app store - $3.99

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