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Review: Big Button Box Pro

April 2, 2010


Big Button Box Pro (BBBP) is a sound board app that gives you access to 45 different sounds with one thing in common; big, fill-the-entire-screen buttons. There are a variety of different sounds including animals, phrases, day-to-day noises as well as the obligatory farts sounds.


Here is the list of sounds available in Big Button Box Pro: - Dynamite - Ka-ching - Alarm Clock - Buzzer - Scream - Gong - Bleep - Woo! - Service Bell - Jackpot - Game Show - Kiss - Cat Call - Gunshot - Woohoo! - Applause - You Suck! - Alarm - Loser - Ha-Ha! - Uh-Oh - Dog - Cat - Truck Horn - Burp - Fart - Excuse Me! - Crash - Yee-hah! - Vomit - Yes - Grenade - Shut up! - Elephant - Laughter - Cough - Oh Yeah! - Police - Monkey - No - Crickets - Boing - Whatever - Doorbell - Witch The sounds in BBBP are arranged over five pages with nine icons on each. Pressing an icon will switch to a full screen view of that specific button which you can press to hear the sound. Each sound has a corresponding icon with an image that is relevant to that specific sound or phrase. Some of the sound buttons, such as 'bleep' and 'alarm', can be held down to hear the sound continuously. Once you have tried out all the sounds and decided which ones you like or don't like, you can rearrange them by pressing the settings icon. You will shown a list of the sounds and from there you can drag and drop them to your hearts content.

The Breakdown

The Good: For the most part, the sounds included with BBBP are of a very high quality and most icons perfectly represent the sound they are paired with. Swiping to move between pages makes it simple to find the sound you're looking for and being able to rearrange them is a plus. The Bad: When selecting a specific sound to play, the switch from page view to full-screen takes a little bit longer than it needs to. This becomes tedious quite quickly whilst trying to jump from one sound to to the next. It would be far better if the button appeared immediately after you selected it, rather than having to wait. The other massive problem I have with this app, is that you can only play one sound at a time and there isn't a way to switch between them quickly, so there's no 'monkey being chased by a police car' fun to be had.

The Verdict

The graphics and sounds are excellent but this is greatly overshadowed by the fact that you can only play one sound at a time. Because of this, BBBP has a very limited appeal and the likelihood is that you'll only use it a few times before getting bored. If you could play sounds simultaneously and really mess about with them, this app would be great, but as it is, Big Button Box Pro is very restricted in what it can do.

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