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Review: Labyrinth 2 HD

April 6, 2010



Labyrinth was one of the first iPhone games, and the sequel Labyrinth 2 added all kinds of contraptions to the wooden hole filled levels. Labyrinth 2 HD was redesigned for the iPad giving you more. Find all about Labyrinth 2 in the review of the iPhone version. Note all images are clickable for full size.


The game features all of the iPhone level packs redesigned to look great on the iPad. That's not all though, as 15 iPad specific level packs are included that fill the entire size of the iPad screen with obstacles. The size of the ball, holes, and obstacles are the same as the iPhone version, but there's so much that it fills the entire iPad perspective. Labyrinth 2 features bumpers, cannons, duplicators, resizers, magnets, merry go rounds, lasers, and switches. Numerous local achievements are included, and the same online level editor is included.

The Good

Labyrinth 2 HD brings all the fun from the iPhone version, and amps up the scale giving you even more. The levels are so much more complex requiring more skill, and more concentration to make it through. It's just such an amazing experience only possible on the iPad as you need to control two balls going through two different sectors rolling over switches to unlock doors while avoiding holes, cannons, bumpers, and so much more. Not one of the levels plays the same, and none are even close in resemblance to the now simplistic iPhone levels. The level packs are in three difficulties to get you adjusted appropriately, and you can always try out the iPhone levels that have less going on. The game looks amazing on the iPad whether it's the brand new levels or even the old iPhone levels. The 3D tilting effect is even more pronounced on the iPad adding to the overall felling of holding the actual wooden game in your hands. All of the levels are packed with detail with each object so well done from the sheen on the ball to the lasers and cannons. A tilting game on the iPad is a big question mark, but really it all depends on the calibration. As usual Illusion Labs knows how to fine tune these Apple devices. It seems like you’re actually holding the wooden Labyrinth board in your hands. It just feels like second nature as you tilt the device to roll the ball through treacherous obstacles. It allows for even tighter precision than the iPhone version so you can roll through holes on each side with the slightest movements of your iPad. The game is so fine tuned you won't even want to go into the settings menu to look for a calibration option. The online level editor allows for nearly infinite replay ability as there are always new levels to download after you complete all the Illusion Labs ones (nearly 150). If you have friends with iPads then you can play some multiplayer which is enjoyable, but limits the potential matches. There is also one level pack called tributes which has designs that are inspired by other iPhone games. Included are Flight Control, Pocket God, Minigore, Galcon, Geodefense, Harbor Master, and Zen Bound with ten in total. When you think that Labyrinth 2 HD is $8 while the iPhone version is $5 you realize how good of a deal it is. You get all the iPhone levels running natively on the iPad, and then nearly 150 more levels only possible on the iPad. Whether you own the iPhone version or are new to the game this is an amazing deal in the iPad App Store.

The Bad

The multiplayer doesn't work to connect an iPad and an iPhone, limiting it to only iPads. The online level editor removes you from the game, and the editor doesn't work in iPad Safari. One weird note is that the tutorial levels seem to need way more tilting than the actual level packs especially once you reach the medium and hard. The iPhone version is one of the better looking and playing on the iPad. The 1x controls nicely, and the 2x doesn't look as bad as others, though you miss out on nearly 150 iPad specific levels, and even better looking iPhone versions.

The Verdict

Labyrinth 2 HD helps define what iPad gaming can be. It gives you a digital version of a physical game, and makes it better on the iPad. Illusion Labs has truly outdone themselves by creating so many iPad specific levels that are just overflowing with challenge and yet maintaining the same level of fun. Labyrinth 2 is a must buy for $7.99 that will have you rolling a ball on your iPad over and over again, and enjoying the experience like none other. Written from my iPad

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