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Review: Tiptop: the last march

April 21, 2010


Tiptop is a lemmings style game where you have to guide multiple free moving characters to the finish. This iPhone version uses line drawing to make the paths for the characters to take to avoid all kinds of obstacles. The game is from the developers behind Charadium and Quizarium. The game has a humorous storyline of saving the world from Swine Flu.


The game features 20 levels across five different environments with each set of levels giving you a different character. The environments include Mexico, US, tv show studio, wall street district, and a UFO with each one featuring a different characters including lookalikes of Susan Boyle, and Hancock. Plus+ is also included providing high score tables for each of the locations, and there are over 30 achievements. In every level you get a given amount of ink to draw lines, and it depletes when drawing lines, but replenishes when lines expire.

The Good

Tiptop provides the classic Lemmings style designed to fit the unique qualities of the iPhone. The gameplay is still good as you have to help multiple characters that move on their own. They run themselves into obstacles and dead ends unless you step in to guide them else where. The game is about looking forward, and thinking of all the possible obstacles the characters will face from start to finish. You also need to concentrate on the game the entire time or one of the characters could walk right into an obstacle. Each level is quite complex and challenging giving you multiple layers, segments, and obstacles to make it through. The controls are as simple as line drawing games usually are though there is much less leeway. You have to be quite precise as there is no erasing. The inclusion of plus+ can keep you coming back for more if you're into multiple high score tables and achievements. The game has a great design with each level packed with intricacies fitting one of the five themes. The little characters are nicely detailed as the walk mindlessly forward, and it's funny seeing their tiny size. Each of the environments has it's own soundtrack which is a nice addition to enhance the experience.

The Bad

There is a very annoying aspect of this game that makes the levels extremely frustrating. You can't erase a line that is drawn so if you make any kind of mistake you have to sit and wait for it to disappear. On top of that the characters are very picky so you're line needs to slope of gradually or they won't walk up it, and again you can't erase it. The level score is based upon time, and sitting wasting time while waiting for drawn lines to disappear makes it that much worse. Drawing lines can only be so accurate on the iPhone, but the game expects super tight precision or you'll end up losing characters to the obstacles. If you draw you're line too short it's tough to connect a new line, and if it it's too long there's nothing you can do about it.

The Verdict

Tiptop provides classic fun gameplay with an updated look and iPhone unique controls. The line drawing mechanic is incorporated well, but the lack of an erase option makes the game very frustrating. For only $0.99 though this is one of the better values in the App Store with 20 deluxe intricate levels requiring pre-thought out strategy. Tiptop: the last march is a should buy, and hopefully an erase option will be added in an update.

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