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Rhapsody iPhone App Updated To Support Offline Playback

April 26, 2010

The long-awaited update to Rhapsody's iPhone app has finally arrived, which gives Rhapsody subscribers the ability to download entire playlists to their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for offline playback. In Rhapsody v2.0, you can download entire playlists to your Apple mobile device by simply opening a playlist and clicking the download icon located on the left-hand side. You'll need to have some sort of wireless connection to initially download the playlist, but once it is saved to your device, you can free yourself of the connection and listen to your playlist as often as you wish. Downloaded playlists will be highlighted in a burnt orange color as opposed to the regular blue, helping you easily distinguish the two. Rhapsody will be adding the ability to download individual songs and albums directly from the album pages in the coming months. The company chose to begin with playlists simply because that's the way most of their customers listen to their music. Rhapsody v2.0 does indeed work on the iPad, but it doesn't sport an iPad-optimized UI, so it won't look the greatest. Rhapsody will be releasing an iPad-optimized version of the app later this year. Apparently they are waiting on iPhone OS 4's multitasking capabilities, which should also benefit the iPhone and iPod touch version. The Rhapsody app is available free of charge in the App Store, but to utilize the service you will need a monthly subscription. Rhapsody currently offers two different subscription options: Rhapsody Premier ($10/month) which allows you to stream music to a single mobile device, and Rhapsody Premier Plus ($15/month) which allows you to use the service on up to three different mobile devices.

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