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R.O.S.M - Revenge Of The Summon Monsters For iPhone

R.O.S.M - Revenge Of The Summon Monsters is a magical new Castle Defense game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Magicians have broken an ancient pact with monsters and so the monsters have decided to march and punish the magicians. It's up to you to stop them.

Many years ago magicians and monsters signed a pact to allow the magicians to summon the monsters in times of dire need. Over the years some of the wizards have been summoning the monsters for selfish and petty reasons and this has displeased the monsters who are now out for revenge. In this defense game you must fight against the monsters using all of your spells and sorcery powers to save the day. This is a new take on a very popular format on the iPhone and with 3 difficulty modes should be a hit with players of all ages. The graphics and the 3D animations are impressive and the  "Instantaneous Save" feature which allows you to continue the game from the last cleared wave of monsters is brilliant if you need to quit the app suddenly.

Most users  should find R.O.S.M - Revenge Of The Summon Monsters challenging and entertaining but the gameplay can be a little slow at times and this could frustrate the more experienced players out there. Despite this R.O.S.M - Revenge Of The Summon Monsters could be a huge hit with castle defense fans world wide. Let us know what you think in the comments. R.O.S.M - Revenge Of The Summon Monsters  is available in the app store - $1.99
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