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Shape Services' All-In-One Messenger IM+ Goes Universal, Update Now Available

April 1, 2010

Shape Services' IM+, the popular all-in-one messenger for the iPhone and iPod touch, has been given the universal treatment today, which means that current users will have the ability to run the app on their iPad's on Saturday in all of its optimized glory free of charge. The IM+ update is actually available to download in the App Store right now, but it won't really do you much until you load it up on your iPad.  Still, it's nice to know you have it ready to go. The universal build of IM+ gives iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users the ability to send messages via a variety of major chat protocols, including Facebook chat, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, MySPaceIM, and even Skype Chat.  It also includes push notifications and the ability to stay logged in for three full days. The iPad version is just all fancied up with a persistent buddy list on the left-hand side, message area on the right, and the ability to edit settings via pop-up menus at the top.  Check out all of the high resolution screenshots below.  Chatting it up on the iPad should be pretty simple on Saturday.

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