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Sneak Peek: Max Adventure - Dual Stick Shooter From Imangi Studios

April 29, 2010

Imangi Studios has reveled the trailer for their upcoming game Max Adventure. It’s a dual stick shooter that is attempting to change everything you know about the genre. We got some hands on time with a very early build at GDC that Imangi wasn't quite ready to show off. Well now they’re prepared to show a very little bit of what they have in store. The game is going to be different than any other dual stick shooter to date. According to Natalia Luckyanova that game will have “large non-linear levels to explore, diverse missions, puzzle elements, and story-driven progress.” The game is planned to be released late summer. In the brief time with the game the basic mechanics were in place, and were really fun to interact with. The game controls effortlessly like Minigore, but rather than being stuck in one survival square, you have a much wider world to roam. You face tons of aliens which come at you like the furries do in Minigore. They spawn from different points, and you have to destroy those spawn stations to cut down on the incoming waves. As you progress you’re playing in a regular neighboorhood with free movement in it. You’ll also need to go to certain points to collect keys and similar items to unlock new places. When you think of the other dual stick shooters Minigore is the most fun that you keep coming back to with non stop action, but just has the one survival area. Alive 4 Ever is high quality top down game with tons of levels, though they all play the same, and again each level is limited in scope. Guerrilla Bob is the biggest game to date, but the levels progress forward with no alternate paths to go, and without branches off the main road. Revolt is the next big upcoming dual stick shooter, but from our hands on build it also has linear progression, and the action is few and far between despite looking amazing. Max Adventure looks to give you the hectic overload of action like Minigore, but then opens it up to more open world like levels. This is Imangi’s biggest effort to date, and if they provide what it looks like they’re going to, this can be the best dual stick shooter in the App Store. Check out the absolutely amazing trailer below:

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