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Warpgate - Rule The Universe On iPhone

April 13, 2010

Warpgate, from studio Freeverse, is one of the most anticipated games to hit the iTunes App Store. Warpgate is your chance to explore the vast reaches of space, the last uncharted horizon, and dominate the universe. Video preview:

With Warpgate you can dominate commodity markets, condemn your enemies and explore the entire universe. You can make friends or enemies with aliens and pirates or risk it all to explore and exterminate anything that gets in your way. There are over 35 star-systems to explore and 172 different starships available. With over 100 main quests you will always have somethintg to entertain you but if you just fancy cruising the universe then there is also an endless non-quest mode to enjoy. Warpgate is an engaging experience and the graphics for iPhone are impressive. This app has also been released in HD for the iPad and really takes advantage of the larger screen available.

Warpgate should be a hit with sci-fi gamers and with the developers promising to introduce a new mapping feature and Plus+ social gaming network integration things can only get better.

Warpgate is available in the App Store now - $4.99

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