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ZombieBooth Transforms Your Friends Into The Living Dead

April 7, 2010

Developer Motion Portrait is at it again. The photo rendering technology that made it possible to animate your two dimensional photographs in PhotoSpeak and turn your friends into aliens with PhotoAvatar is back. This time around the fun is centered around the world of Zombies with the aptly titled ZombieBooth.

It's the same idea as before. Snap a photo of your face or upload one from your photo gallery using the same guidlines as the previous apps (ie look straight ahead, wear no eyeglasses and no smiling - zombies aren't a happy bunch, after all). Images are sent to Motion Portraits servers for rendering and download back to your app. The process takes about a minute depending on your data connection with WiFi being optimal. The result, again is startling.

The rendering is pretty amazing and the effect is a lot of fun to show off to your friends. One thing you can't see in the still screenshot here is that the image is animated and your zombie is writhing and snarling to add to the effect of being zombiefied. And like the previous Motion Portrait apps, you can trace your finger across the screen and your zombie will track your movement.

The app does include options to share your Zombie creation by saving the image to your photo gallery or by emailing it or sending it off to Twitter to creep out your followers. Like the previous works from Motion Portrait, the app doesn't offer much beyond its advertised novelty of transforming your images into animated monsters but the effect is very cool and lots of fun to show off.

ZombieBooth is available now for 99 cents on the App Store.

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