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Beejive For iPad Awaiting Approval

May 13, 2010

Wired was lucky enough to get a first look at Beejive's upcoming iPad IM app and apparently, it's the very best of its kind.

It’s a premium app that combines gorgeous visuals with an intuitive user interface. BeeJive has nailed it again with its iPad app...

Just like its iPhone little brother, Beejive for iPad supports plenty of protocols, from AIM all the way to Facebook chat. The interface, particularly interesting in landscape mode, allows you to have all your online friends, your current chat, as well as concurrent chat sessions all on one screen. New messages will appear in bubbles on the side as to not have you jumping around the entire time.

In portrait, your online friends' list is simply turned into a pop-over, not much change there:

Beejive for iPad allows you further to share images, voice-clips and even to mail your current conversation via email. All sharing is done through links that will be displayed in the browser. It supports Push notifications of course, so you can stay connected at all times and it will be priced at Beejive's traditional premium price of $10 (following an introductory $6 promotion). It's an iPad-only app.

Beejive was submitted to Apple this Wednesday, so expect it anytime now. Will it stand a chance against the free AIM or the Universal IM+? Guess, we'll find out soon enough.

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