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Boggle For iPad Hits The App Store

May 28, 2010

EA has released an iPad-optimized version of the classic wordsearch game, Boggle.  As you would imagine, those sixteen cubic dice have never looked better in digital form. Boggle for iPad plays like the iPhone version of the game.  Shaking your iPad acts just like shaking that covered plastic tray in real life.  The sixteen cubic dice will bounce around and finally position themselves in the open slots.  Once they have settled, you have three minutes to form as many words from the visible letters as possible by dragging your finger across the top of the letters. The game features multiple modes of play, including pass 'n play and the ability to send challenges to friends via email.  The challenge feature supports both iPhone and iPad versions of the game.  It also keeps track of all of your stats and achievements, so you can see if your skills are improving. Boggle for iPad is now available for $4.99.  There is absolutely nothing new here for those of you who already own the iPhone version, besides higher resolution graphics and more screen space, of course, so just make sure you weigh your options before tapping that buy button.

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