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Confirmed: Apple Discontinues The iPhone 3G & Walmart Slashes 3GS Prices

May 25, 2010

That's it folks. Apple has just discontinued the iPhone 3G, the second iteration of our favorite iSmartphone. Not only did they stop shipping it to AT&T retail stores apparently, but it also doesn't seem possible to order it online anymore or to buy it from most carriers. Just in case this didn't scream "upcoming iPhone 4" enough, Walmart has further just announced that it's slashing the price of the 16GB iPhone 3GS to $97 with a two-year contract.

Nothing surprising here really, it's logical for Apple to discontinue this now almost-obsolete device as it will be introducing a new one on June 7th. It however does look like Apple will still be offering the 3GS as a cheap alternative to an otherwise more expansive new model. Another explanation is that they will be discontinuing the 3GS shortly as well, and are simply trying to dump the rest of their stock.

Don't let this lure you into buying a 3GS however. The new model will most likely be available for just about an extra $100 and locking yourself into a two-year contract with a 3GS is definitely not the right move right now. The good news here on the other hand could be that the next version might come sooner than later, or at least we very much hope so.

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