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Elect Me, I Have An iPad!

May 15, 2010

Tech-savviness has proven to be a strong political campaign argument. Obama for example got a lot of praise for his (staged) use of Twitter and his "Blackberry addiction".  It's not surprising, seeing our politicians using and loving technology like we do every day helps us relate to them. Not to mention that his ignorance of technology cost Blagojevich his spot on the Apprentice.

In the same spirit, Waldemar Pawlak, Polish runner for the presidency is playing a similar card, with his iPad. Since a couple weeks, he's proudly boasting himself as one of the first Polish owners of Apple's new device and doesn't skip a chance to show it off. You can even see him bring the device to most of his TV interviews and many believe the impact is clear; it has made him surprisingly popular.

Unfortunately, Poland seems nowhere close at the moment of getting the iPad as Apple hasn't listed the country for neither May or July launch yet. Nevertheless, having an iPad makes you one of the cool kids; and seeing politicians use the device as a campaign argument is nothing short of a win for Apple.

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