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HD Recording Coming To Next iPhone?

May 5, 2010

The often thrown around moniker of iPhone HD for the next generation of our beloved phone is starting to look more and more plausible. MacRumors uncovered some more hidden gems from the iPhone 4 Beta SDK that would suggest our summer videos that we plan to capture with our new iPhones will be recorded in glorious high definition resolution.

According to MacRumors, they discovered the following preset values that hint to video capture in 720p (1280 x 720) resolution:

AVCaptureSessionPreset640x480 AVCaptureSessionPreset1280x720

We've already seen rumors of the still camera getting a bump to 5 MegaPixels but the full details on video capture will still need to wait until WWDC. For now, this appears to be another big blow to the likes of the Flip variety of cameras. Along with all of the great things the iPhone can do with staying connected, it looks like capturing spur of the moment videos and creating YouTube movies in greater clarity looks to be a reality.

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