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iPhone 4 Leak Warrant Affidavit Goes Public

May 15, 2010

We finally know some more about the story behind the original iPhone 4 leak. A lot more actually as the search warrant affidavit has now been unsealed  and anyone can read it through to get the whole story.

Two things; first, Gizmodo was unable to take the phone apart correctly and broke it, which is unforgivable. Second, the seller's roommate ratted. Actually, the seller tried to plug the iPhone into his roommate's computer. She got scared that Apple would find out so went directly to them to absolve herself. So next time you find a prototype of the next iPhone, remember, you can't trust anybody.

Here is the full file, courtesy of Wired: (pdf link).

Or if you're busy, Philip Elmer-DeWitt from Fortune took the time to put together a great 10-point resume of the document (link).

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