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iPhone & iPad App Review: Glyder 2

May 17, 2010

QuickAdvice: Glyder 2 for iPad

Glyder 2 for iPad by Glu icon

Glyder 2 for iPad ($0.99) by Glu is a relatively old game for iPhone, but a brand new iPad version was released so now we can review both versions for iPhone owners, iPad owners, and owners of both devices. In Glyder 2 you fly around various lands trying to collect three types of colored crystals as well as other objects to power the portal to get back home. You simply tilt to guide your glider to the crystals across six very different islands.

Glyder 2 for iPad by Glu screenshot

You start in the arctic working your way to a very tall island, then on to a very flat one. Then you go to a volcano, an oasis, a subterranean land, and finally rise into space. Along your journey there are all types of objects to collect with 125 blue, pink, and gold crystals respectively as well as multiple challenges per area. The game is extremely open world as you simply fly out into nothingness until you see a new land mass emerge, and you’re on to the next area.

In the game you’re gliding rather than flying so your speed and altitude are very important, and you will need to dive at the right times to keep up your speed. To gain a bunch of altitude you will need the help of thermals which are shafts of air that push you up. There are no score, time, or level constraints, but rather a game of completion as you glide throughout the world at your own pace in whatever order you choose.

Glyder 2 is a mesmerizing experience with the tilt controls, and beautiful 3D visuals right in your face. It’s the closest any game has ever come in connecting you to the flying/gliding experience. It’s as close as it can be to actually gliding through the air.

The game is a relaxing experience that is still challenging as you fly large distances to collect all of the crystals. Once you get to an island you will need to maneuver with extreme precision through many stretches. On top of that most areas have secret areas or extremely tight quarters to discover to find the last remaining crystals.

The best part is that you can manage these tight quarters with the pinpoint controls that worked great on default, but you can calibrate them if you want. The game is perfect for a few minutes or a few hours as you get lost in the experience. There is just so much to do in this game with 375 crystals to collect as well as varying challenges of gliding through a ring course or collecting various items depending on location.

To add to the amount to do there are various wings and outfits to collect to customize the look of Eryn. You will need certain wings to get to specific areas and complete certain goals. Also included are thirty achievements and multiple special objects to collect including sun flares and spectral glasses all hidden throughout the lands.

Each environment is completely different to play, but you will always need to keep track of your speed which requires a delicate balance of rising and diving. You will also need to find thermals to reach many of the crystals in different areas. Once you get new wings, and reach new areas you will pick up mass amounts of speed, and be dying for a way to quickly slow down as you’re speeding through caves and crevasses.

Now the game is great, but there are definite slow parts. In the beginning it takes awhile to see the purpose of collecting crystals, and figuring out all the secret areas. Plus it’s not always obvious how to get to the new areas. Also finding the last few crystals in an area can be very tedious and frustrating.

Glyder 2 for iPad by Glu screenshot

With that said the overwhelming majority of the game is extremely enjoyable and one of the best experiences on the idevice. It’s one of the longest lasting games where you will enjoy all the time spent in it. For only $0.99 the game is an absolute must on the iPhone.

On the iPad the experience is even more immersive than you could imagine. With the bigger screen so close to you there is even more of a connection with Eryn gliding along. The iPad version doesn’t offer any new content, but it seems to offer even tighter precision, on top of the further immersion.

The iPad version is only $0.99 as well so if you own an iPad Glider 2 is an absolute must that isn’t just a great game, but one of the best experiences on the iPad. If you own both devices do yourself a favor, and spend $2 to get both versions, as it’s one of the best deals in the App Store, and it’s easily worth it to run it natively on the iPad and iPhone.

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