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iPhone OS 4 Beta 3 Is Out - Brings Orientation Lock & New iPod Controls

May 4, 2010

Apple has once again today released and then pulled right away a new beta version of iPhone OS 4. Thanks to some fast folks however, we already know what it's bringing and it's not bad.

Indeed, Apple finally brings in this third beta the possibility to lock the screen position on the iPhone. That means that when activated, your screen will no longer adapt itself to its orientation; a very convenient feature already present on the iPad via a dedicated switch.

On top of that, you will now be able to control the iPod app through the fast-switching bar by scrolling all the way to the left. Why such a function? Well, as you know Apple has decided to use the double click on the home button for multitasking. Which now forces them to find other ways for us to control our music. As for the rotation lock, I guess it took the iPad to make them realise it's a must-have feature. (I actually have rotation deactivated at all time via SBSettings).

Why did they pull it? Apparently it's simply because of a small issue with the installation package which didn't support custom installation folders, so expect a fixed version to appear anytime now.

iPhone OS4 betas are only available to developers for now and anything they bring might of course not be definitive.

[via tipbt]

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