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Why Jailbreak: LockInfo

May 18, 2010

When Apple announced the new features of iPhone OS4, I'll admit I was exited; folders, backgrounding, Game Center to name a few, but there is still something missing that gives Android owners something to gloat about; widgets. LockInfo is a jailbreak app that gives you glanceable information either on your lockscreen, on your home screen, or both. There are plugins available for weather, calendar, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and even one of the best to-do apps, Things. All of LockInfo's settings are in the iPhone settings app. From here you can choose where LockInfo is shown (home screen, lock screen, both), which plugins you want enabled, block pop-ups (such as SMS) and much more. If you enable LockInfo on the home screen it will be placed on your first page before all your other apps.

Unlike many other lock screen apps, LockInfo doesn't take a second or two to load, so everything is there exactly when you need it. Sections that you have enabled can be collapsed as default if it's something you only look at once in a while (I did this with calendar as I don't always need to see it). There are a couple of really nice features about LockInfo that make it worth the price. Firstly is the 'full screen' option. When this is enabled, the slide to unlock bar will not be shown on the lock screen giving you plenty more space for Twitter, RSS or whatever tickles your fancy. You can, obviously, still unlock your iPhone by swiping in the same place as you normally would.

The second really cool feature is the 'hide pop-ups' option. With this enabled, you won't get SMS pop-ups when your iPhone is locked, but will still be able to see how many unread messages you have (assuming you have SMS enabled in the settings), as well as emails, voicemails and missed calls . LockInfo is a bit more expensive than most apps you'll likely buy, but the benefits you'll get are worth it. And it'll keep those gloating Android users quiet for a while. LockInfo is available in Cydia for $9.99.

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