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MotionX GPS HD Brings Cost-Effective Navigation To The iPad

May 13, 2010

When the 3G-enabled iPad first launched, there was basically only one truly iPad-optimized navigation app available in the App Store, CoPilot Live HD.  Now two weeks later, there is at least some competition in the iPad app navigation department, and it goes by the name MotionX GPS HD. Fullpower Technologies' MotionX GPS HD isn't merely a port of the popular iPhone version of the app, it was actually designed exclusively for the iPad, so it is able to fully take advantage of the device's large display. MotionX GPS HD is the perfect navigation app for any outdoor excursion, such as hiking, sailing, off-road driving, street driving, and even just exploring new places.  The app features online maps provided by Google and Bing, or you can download MotionX's own road and topographic maps to be stored onboard for offline access and quick rendering.  This allows you to use the app no matter where you are in the world without incurring any additional fees.
"With MotionX-GPS HD you can travel the world and access on-board maps everywhere you go," said Philippe Kahn, founder and CEO of Fullpower. "This is a huge advantage because you can download maps of any geographic region for free via WiFi without incurring extra data charges. You'll have access to maps from Beijing to Honolulu to San Francisco to Paris -- literally anywhere you travel around the globe. And with the new address lookup you can also route a path anywhere in the world -- point to point as the crow flies. Plus you've got ten hours of battery life -- much longer than on a phone."
But that's really only the beginning. The app also includes other handy features like the ability to save waypoints for your favorite locations, geocoding capabilities to convert any location to the closest known physical address, the ability to view coordinates in UTM, MGRS, DMS, DM or D formats, the ability to search for landmarks, cities, countries, street addresses, or lat/lon using a freeform search tool, and full access and control over your iPod music. MotionX GPS HD obviously works the best with 3G-enabled iPads, but it also works just fine with Wi-Fi iPads since the app supports Wi-Fi and network triangulation when a network is available. To top it all off, MotionX GPS HD is available in the App Store for only $2.99. We will try to bring you a comparison review of the main iPad navigation apps currently available in the App Store as soon as possible, so if you are still on the fence, just hang in there.

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