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QuickAdvice: InAWorld...Drama - Make Your Own Movie Trailers

May 10, 2010

QuickAdvice: InAWorld...Drama

InAWorld...Drama by Optimum Drama, Inc. icon

InAWorld...Drama ($1.99) by Optimum Drama, Inc. is a fun new app that lets you create your very own movie trailers on your iPhone and iPad.

The app is great fun and very easy to use. The first time you click the InAWorld icon it opens up to a custom blockbuster movie trailer with a voice over from Jonathan Cook. This introduction sets the scene for what you can expect from this app. Just in case you don't know, Jonathan Cook is the world famous voice over guy from hundreds of movie trailers and his voice is instantly recognisable. From here you are taken to a menu screen where you can produce a custom movie trailer of your own. You can create a trailer for almost anything. First you write the script by using the selection of prerecorded voice clips. Then you can use the camera or gallery to insert images to enhance your trailer and finally you get to add music to really bring the trailer to life. I loved the way you can play around with different combination to make anything from the serious to the downright ridiculous. Either way you play it, its really entertaining and surprisingly addictive.

InAWorld...Drama by Optimum Drama, Inc. screenshot

A great feature is that you can share your trailer with other friends and family via email. They need to have InAWorld running on their device to view your creation but, just in case they don't, there is a free "player only' version available in the App Store. If the idea of having to download an app just to view doesn't appeal to you then the developer also promises that they are working on a sharing website. This website will be set up so that you can share your trailer with anyone, anywhere, without the need for them to own an apple mobile device or even download an app.

There is some additional content included in the app that is a little edgier and more suggestive that lets you create some X Rated Trailers. This option is also surprisingly fun but may not appeal to some users, particularly those who have small children. I wouldn't let this put you off because with the in-app parental controls you can limit which content your kids can get their hands on, which should give you piece of mind.

InAWorld...Drama by Optimum Drama, Inc. screenshot

The app could be further improved if you could insert videos as well as images and if you had the option to create custom voice over clips. Fingers crossed we will see these and more features in future updates.

With the seemingly endless choice of voice clips and the simple interface this app is going to be a huge hit with movie fans of all ages. The trailers are great fun to produce but even more fun to share. InAWorld is a good app that is very well executed.

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