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QuickAdvice: Pebble Jump

May 5, 2010

QuickAdvice: Pebble Jump

Pebble Jump by NBTD Productions icon

Pebble Jump ($0.99) by NBTD Productions is a great new puzzle game from NBTD Productions. The game is a mixture of 'Checkers' and 'Peg Solitaire'. The rules of the game are simple and the gameplay is surprisingly satisfying.

Pebble Jump has two main objectives, the first, taken directly from 'Checkers" is to clear the board by jumping over other pieces. The second objective is to try and land your last jump onto the 'home' space" just like "Peg Solitaire". The UI is clean and uncluttered making it a perfect choice to just pick up and play. The game comes with over 100 different puzzles to choose from and most of them are really quite challenging. Just in case you find some them too difficult there are some in-play hints and tips available to help you out. Some cynics would say that this is cheating but I found that they can really help you improve your tactics and playing strategy.

Pebble Jump by NBTD Productions screenshot

This game is perfect for people with busy lives who need a game they can just dip in and out of when they have a spare couple of minutes. The beauty of this game is that you can drop it if you need to and pick up right where you left off the next time you get a break. If you enjoy playing puzzle games and love to test your brain then Pebble Jump will definitely appeal to you. Pebble Jump is a perfect combination of two classic strategic puzzle games. It is also simple, addictive & challenging.

The simple styling, unique gameplay and challenging levels make Pebble Jump a "must buy" for puzzle game fans everywhere.

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