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Review: Stick It

May 12, 2010


Stick It is a utility app that allows you to put notes directly on your lock screen, and background on your iPad. The app provides all kinds of sticky notes allowing you to put reminders in your face at all times to surely not forget. There are multiple types of notes with customized backgrounds.


The app features 17 types of notes from regular sticky notes to taped paper, text bubbles, stop signs, and calendars. There are also 17 different wallpapers to customize your background not only with notes, but wallpapers as well. You can categorize your notes, add quick notes from your last used, and even use bump technologies to share notes between idevices. The app doesn't add live widgets, but rather creates wallpapers. You create the notes then form a wallpaper which is saved to your photos. Then you set the photo as wallpaper of your lock screen, background, or both.

The Good

The app provides all types of notes, and you can make any note you want, and fill the whole screen if you want. By using this app you definitely won't forget anything you go through the process of making a note of. Adding notes is easy, and then making it a wallpaper, and setting it as a background is simple though there are a lot of steps which are a hassle. The method to add the notes is as easy as can be with Apple's restrictions, but it doesn't seem like a worthwhile alternative. The app is set up as well as it could be under the circumstances allowing for all types of notes sheets. It's also helpful to not only add the notes, but add them to nice looking wallpapers. The category implementation is a good addition to add school notes, work notes, shopping notes, hobby notes or whatever you would like. The app creates the backgrounds quickly, and then you just have to go into the photo app to apply the wallpaper. For those who forget things often you may forget to add notes in this app, and to add the notes, make the wallpaper, and then set the wallpaper. It's a good reminder for long term notes like a project you have due or a calendar. If you use sticky notes on your Mac or PC this is a little harder, but can provide the same purpose. If you add any notes using this app you will surely remember, though long term use of updating notes is a question mark. The UI is well done to easily add the notes, switch between categories, and set the wallpaper.

The Bad

The app is helpful for long term notes, but not for quick notes. It's a hassle to change notes that change often, and you will always see the notes rather than just when you want to see them. They are constantly in your face so you obviously can't forget, but it seems too much in your face all times. To change the notes you need to go into the app, edit your notes create new wallpapers, and then set them as you wallpapers. They seem to clutter your background and lock screen more than simply being helpful reminders. By no fault of the developer, but rather Apple's limits, these are just wallpapers, and not live widgets that you can hide and bring up whenever you want. This is a good alternative if you forget everything, but the constant reminders seem annoying more than helpful. The notes on the lock screen have plenty of room, but as your background it's completely overwhelming with all your app icons and the notes. The calendar is a nice edition, but it would be better if you could circle certain dates to remind you.

The Verdict

Stick It sets out with a simple purpose, and executes it as well as it could. If you want sticky notes on your lock screen or background to act as a constant reminder this is as good as you can find. It's a little hassle to change your notes as you're simply creating and setting wallpapers. The notes require more work to change, and without change they can be rather annoying as you constantly see them. For only $0.99 it's worth considering depending on how much you use sticky notes, and would be willing to go through the process to update them often.

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