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Shark Sighting?....iPad Related Clothing

May 27, 2010

Gadgets are getting more and more portable everyday so it stands to reason that some enterprising sort would design clothing to take advantage of the modern form factor of gadgets like the iPhone or iPad. Australian designers Davina Reichman and Luke Staley are just those sort of entrepreneurs. Well... calling the pair designers might be a stretch. The duo, co-heads of something called iClothing might have just given the world the first glimpse of an iPad related shark sighting. The good folks at  iClothing  recently released the first few items in what they term an  “iPad-compatible line of clothing” The iDress (AUD$89.95) is a black cotton dress with a built-in pouch for the iPad. For the non-discriminating male they have the iTee (AUD$49.95), also made of cotton with a kangaroo pouch in the front and also of dubious value. This is where I would usually toss out a snarky review punctuated with a thumbs down but frankly a dress or t-shirt with an oversized pouch in the front just seems more like a poor gimmick than a serious review worthy attempt at modern industrial design. [via iClothing]