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Tawkon's Electrosmog Measuring App Might Receive Apple's Blessing

May 17, 2010

We're learning today that Tawkon's radiation measuring app, which we mentioned back in March, might be receiving Apple's blessing after all.

As a reminder, Tawkon's app allows users to know how much radiation their iPhone is emitting at any given time. Unfortunately, Apple redeemed it confusing for users at first and decided not to approve it. Anyhow, the negative publicity surrounding the rejection got Apple to reconsider and Techcrunch is reporting today that it might still have a shot.

Indeed, Tawkon's CEO told Techcrunch that he had the chance to meet some folks at Apple over this. They've been very cooperative apparently as they actually offered to open some private apis to improve their application:

Apple definitely saw the media and user interest in tawkon. They’ve been very positive about working together with us to open undocumented APIs to get tawkon on the App Store. It’s been quite a ride – through a series of exploratory phone calls and a very productive meeting with Philip Shoemaker [Director of Application Technology] and his team at their Cupertino headquarters. The iPhone team complemented our app, and we’re now optimistic that we’ll get onto the App Store. Now we just really need to show Apple that people want the opportunity to use their phone responsibly with minimal exposure to radiation when necessary.
While it's not a first to see Apple reconsider a rejection, especially when followed by some media coverage. Seeing them facilitate access to private api's however is quite a surprising move. Guess we'll see what happens from there. Here is a demo of the blackberry version:

Anyway, do you really want to know how harmful your iPhone is to you? Isn't ignorance bliss?

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