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Transform Your iPhone Into A Portable Guitar MultiFX Rig

May 9, 2010

When Apple released OS3.0 developers were given the opportunity to tap into some key API's to control 3rd party devices directly from iPhone. Ever since this day I have been waiting for a developer to come along and really shake things up. It has taken a while but finally IK Multimedia have promised to deliver the "Eureka" moment every guitar playing iPhone user has been waiting for. The AmpliTube iRig is coming soon and will allow you to transform your iPhone into a portable Guitar and Bass MultiFX system.

With a simple piece of hardware, namely the AmpliTube iRig available for $39.99, you can connect your Guitar or Bass directly to iPhone or iPod Touch. You can then hook up the line out to either headphones, speakers or an amplifier. The AmpliTube app then gives you the full functionality of a working stage rig right on your iPhone. You have everything you would expect from a top end effects system featuring recombinable stompbox effects, an amp head plus cabinet and a microphone. As well as these impressive features you also gain the flexibility to be able to carry them all around in your pocket. The built in guitar and bass tuner should also be able to offer an increased level of accuracy, especially in noisy environments, due to the fact that your instrument is plugged directly into your iPhone. Watch this Demo to see how it works

I don't think for one second that an app like this could ever completely replace a full FX rig. But to be able to practice with your band without having to set everything up could be invaluable to some new bands out there. This app is also really useful if you need to practice at home with headphones and you don't have the time or space to set up a huge amp and effects unit. As soon as this is available to buy we will let you know and when we get our hands on it we will give you a fully loaded in depth review.

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