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Tweetie 2 Vanishes From The App Store - Twitter For iPhone On Its Way?

May 18, 2010

Twitter for iPhone is closing in apparently, as we've just been tipped off that Tweetie 2, is no longer available on the App Store.

As a reminder, Twitter made the official announcement back in April that it had acquired the popular Twitter client Tweetie and anoint it the official Twitter application for the iPhone. Its developer Atebits had even included a little Easter Egg in its last update to tease us about it. Well, Tweetie 2 has just disappeared from the store which would suggest that it's about to be replaced by/turn into Twitter's official free iPhone client.

We've just activated our Appadvice megatronic App Store watching system and we'll keep you posted the very second it goes live, if it does.

[Thanks to @mudads for the tip]

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